Smart Factory Intelligent Manufacturing for Panel Furniture

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We strive to make your production smarter, faster and more cost-efficient with minimum human labor required

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  • Multiple Successfully implemented projects across the country.

  • No operator required for production procedures. Labor costs and managing overheads are therefore greatly reduced, so is production error.

  • Uninterrupted production with automatic machines enables furniture makers to add extra shifts with minimum extra costs and concerns.

  • The efficiency is also boosted by at least 25% compared to manual operation.

  • Smarter, more cost-efficient production, quicker delivery and better quality allow furniture makers to further expand production and sales, achieving higher return on capital and property.

  • More individualized products for end-users.

The Customer project of Excitech CNC Smart Factory has accomplished that from raw material storage to automatic labeling, nesting,edgebanding, drilling,sorting,stacking and packaging lines,from raw materials tofinished panel without landing production.


We understand different applications require different manufacturing equipments

Thus we personalize the projects so each investors can produce with the right technologies that match their exact needs


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